Monday 23 March 2020

Weekday Evening Prayers

In quietness and in darkness
In peace and in confusion
Jesus Christ wants to make his home with us
And meet his friends
He is the Light of Life
He is the hope for the world

Song “Take this moment”


Tell everyone who is anxious
Be strong and don’t be afraid
Jesus is the source of Life
He brings light to the world
The light shines in darkness
And the darkness can never put it out.

The Lords Prayer in our own language

Reading Luke 12 v22v28


We pray tonight for all those who are self isolating, we pray there will be someone they can turn to at this time to help them. We pray for all who are anxious. Give them your peace and calm in their hearts. Be with us we pray. Have your hand upon us, our homes and our loved ones. Be with us all we pray. In Jesus Name Amen. 

Song “Great is they faithfulness”


The cross we shall take it
The joy we shall share it
The gospel we shall live it
The love we shall give it
The light we shall cherish it
The darkness God shall perish it. Amen



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