Friday 26 June 2020

Refugee Week Evening Prayers June 24th 2020


We call on the clarity of God

To meet us in our confusion

We call on the mercy of God

To meet us in our brokenness

God in our meeting

God in our parting.


Song “The power of the Cross”


We call on the power of God

To meet us in our helplessness

God in our thinking

God in our speaking


We say the Lord’s Prayer in our own language

Reading Psalm 61: 1-4 

Please listen, God, and answer my prayer! 

I feel hopeless, and I cry out to you 

from a faraway land. Lead me to the mighty rock 

high above me.
You are a strong tower, 

where I am safe from my enemies. 

Let me live with you forever and find protection 

under your wings, my God. 



Loving God

Move us to comfort Those who are  

caught in the midst of war  

those held captive 
those facing hatred and intolerance 

For those fleeing for their lives 

For strangers in a strange land 

For those thousands in Refugee Camps throughout the world and those on their journey to safety with their children and families. 

Video from Baobab


Song for Refugee Week by Germa Adan



Closing Responses 


The cross we shall take it

The bread we shall share it

The gospel we shall live it

The love we shall give it

The light we shall cherish it 

The darkness God shall perish it. 



©Iona Community adapted








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