Thursday 18 February 2010

Resources for Lent

Walk With Me

Walk with Me Lent 2010

Walk with Me is a prayer and scripture journey for the seasons of Advent, Lent and Easter.

Lent course: From the Ram to the Lamb

WordLive is celebrating its first birthday! Share our joy with a great free birthday gift for you and all your friends. A complete five part Lent Bible study course for personal or small group study called From the Ram to the Lamb all as easy-to-download PDFs that you can print onto A4 sheets.

Overall it's a journey to discover ways in which Jesus fulfils Old Testament prophecy and the sacrificial system.

Sheep - Lent course 'From the Ram to the Lamb'

  • Lent course part 1
  • looks at the story of Abraham and Isaac and the substitute sacrifice, and helps us to understand more of the promises and mercy of God.
  • Lent course part 2
  • examines Moses, the Passover Lamb, and the protection afforded by the blood of the lamb. Our studies will give us a glimpse of the glory of God.
  • Lent course part 3
  • explores the sacrificial system, and helps us learn more of the grace and righteousness of God.
  • Lent course part 4
  • John the Baptist as forerunner of Jesus and the identification of Jesus as the Lamb of God, which points us to a deeper appreciation of the love of God.
  • Lent course part 5
  • the death of the Lamb; the permanent solution to the problem of sin, and what that reveals of the holiness of God.

If you haven't yet explored WordLive, please sign up so you can experience the rich multi-media experience that WordLive could give you each day.

Our Sound is Our Wound

Lent Course 2010

Our lives are lived against the backdrop of external and internal
soundscapes. The sound, noise and music with which we are surrounded
in modern life have spiritual implications. There is also a soundtrack
within us that plays constantly through memory, dreams, anxiety and
thought. What are these soundscapes, and how do we listen for the voice of
God within them? How too do we find our voice?

This discussion series will be based on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent book for 2010 Our Sound
is Our Wound by Lucy Winkett, Precentor of St Paul’s Cathedral. Sessions take place on Thursday
evenings during Lent from 7.15-8.45 pm in the Priory Room. Please contact the Cathedral Office if
you wish to attend: 01865-276155,

18 February ‘The Sound of Scripture’

What is the difference between the spoken and the written word? What effect does this difference have on Scripture? This first
session explores the ‘Sound of Scripture’ in contemporary society and is led by the Venerable Julian Hubbard, Archdeacon
of Oxford.

25 February ‘The Sound of Lament’

How do the laments found in Scripture relate to laments in our world today? This session considers the Sound of Lamentation
in contemporary society and is led by the Very Reverend Dr Christopher Lewis, Dean of Christ Church.

4 March ‘The Sound of Freedom’

How are sounds used to express freedom? What role does music play in protest? This session explores how we find our true
voice and use it to set ourselves and others free. The session is led by Canon George Pattison, Lady Margaret Professor of

11 March ‘The Sound of Resurrection’

The resurrection is often depicted as either silent or with the noise of victory. This session explores another image, and the
soundscape of death, grief and resurrection. It is led by Jonathan Cross, Professor of Musicology and Tutor in Music at
Christ Church.

18 March ‘The Sound of Angels’

The image of angels is often connected with music. This session explores the soundscape of angels, and the invitation for us to
harmonise with them. This is led by the Reverend John Paton, Precentor of Christ Church.

25 March ‘Our Sound is Our Wound’

How can we listen to God? This concluding session considers how we are called to inner silence to listen to God in our noisy
world. It is led by Canon Dr Edmund Newell, Sub-Dean of Christ Church.

Our Sound is Our Wound is available from the Chapter House shop, price £9.99.

tel: +44 (0)845 4598460
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Lent for Everyone
Lent for Everyone

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Lent for Everyone

Luke Year C

by Tom Wright

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Here's a round up of Lent resources I've found for 2010 - if you want to recommend something else then please leave a comment!

Online Lent Resources for groups

Christian Aid: Count Your Blessings Small group study notes (one session) and Count Your Blessings calendar

Churches Together: People on the Edge of His Pain Exploring the characters of Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of our Lord, Judas, Peter, Barabbas and Jesus.

USPG: Lent 2010 Lent 2010 Study course designed to help you delve deeper into the meaning of mission for today. Looks at the work of the Anglican Church in Ghana and the story of Jesus’ meeting with the woman at the well (John 4:5-42).

Church Action on Poverty: Just Church for Lent Designed to help you embed social justice and a concern for UK poverty more deeply in your church's life.

Suggested reading for groups and individuals

Our Sound is Our Wound: Contemplative Listening to a Noisy World by Lucy Winkett
The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent book 2010

Life Attitudes: a five-session course on the Beatitudes for Lent by Robert Warren and Sue Mayfield

Giving it Up: Daily Bible Readings from Ash Wednesday to Easter Day by Maggi Dawn

A Way through the Wilderness: Experiencing God's help in times of crisis by Paula Gooder
Five-session course which explores God’s promise to comfort his people as they struggle through life’s wildernesses.

Sacred space for Lent 2010 from the Jesuit Communication Centre

What is the point of being a Christian? by Timothy Radcliffe

A book of Silence by Sara Maitland

Bothered and Bewildered: Enacting Hope in Troubled Times by Ann Morisy

Binding the Strong Man: A Political Reading of Mark's Story of Jesus by Ched Myers

General prayer resources for groups and individuals

The Daily Office - Morning, Midday and Evening Prayer - from the Northumbria Community

Sacred Space: Daily prayer and meditation

Pray as you go: Daily prayer for your MP3

Are you planning to do something different for Lent this year? Post your thoughts below or use the SCM forum to share ideas and reflections.


Lent Study: 40 days to End Violence Against Women

The wonderful folk from the European Regional Committee of WSCF (global network of SCMs) have drawn my attention to this Lent study:

A WCC, WSCF and YWCA Lenten Study
Cries of Anguish, Stories of Hope: A Lenten study on the Worldwide Struggle to eliminate violence against women. This study features weekly videos of inspirational women around the world. There are also Bible Studies, Prayers and a place for a discussion.

Dear God
Sometimes it seems such a risk to pray
To know your still small voice
In everything
Overcome my doubt and release me
From myself
Make me aware of all that I have missed
Self seeking to overcome
Opportunities to serve
People to love
Give me courage to pray
And be changed forever. Amen
© Churches Together in Britain and Ireland
week 6



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