Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Coalition governments destruction of our society

I am deeply shocked by the governments decision to reduce benefits for the terminally I'll and disabled children. I wonder that we can continue to use the term civilised to describe the UK at the moment. Meanwhile the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. So the banks are still mis selling, refuse mortgages and are not lending to small businesses. Margaret Thatchers government was known for her interpretation of the "Good Samaritan". This government will be likened to the parable of the "Rich Fool". Throughout history the rich have partied and stuffed themselves with food against a backdrop of impending disaster. My biggest concern is that none of the politicians seem able to imagine alternative futures to the destruction of the welfare state and a return to a class system which denies most people access to health, education and justice. I am also appalled at the back tracking on pensions. Working people have saved for years to have a decent retirement and they
are being robbed of their future.This is unjust.It is certainly worth striking over!



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