Sunday 15 September 2013

Family Fire deaths in Leicester

The murders of the Asian family in Leicester on Friday last week is a terrible act. Whether it was a revenge attack or mistaken identity how should we respond? If it had happened to our family we would be devastated. The Muslim community and the family's mosque have given real support. But what about us Christians?

The event reminds me of the Good Samaritan. He did not care where the man was from that he helped, his religion or anything else. He simply helped the man got dirty, bloodied in the process and doubly ensured that the man was well cared for.

But what about the fact it happened at all? Police cuts despite assurances have been real and widespread. These days you rarely see a policeman or CPSO unless there is a traffic accident or a murder. In Holland there is a police officer for every 150 people. In the UK it is 190
and figures are hard to find. So that may be a 2012 figure or earlier. There have been significant cut up to 10% across The UK since 2010.

We have a duty to our communities to police them well regardless of ethnicity colour or religion. The Old Testament actually puts a bias on the foreigner and stranger. Unpalatable in today's political climate.



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