Sunday 8 September 2013

Foundation in Art and Design

This is an essential course to get onto anything professional in art especially if you don't have an arts A level but many of the students at DMU do. There are about 150 of us and a few part timers like me. Everyone has been admitted on the basis of a portfolio. Mine was largely photography and ceramics. Others have other strengths like drawing or design. My group are super and we help one another out with the myriad of materials we need for each session and the timetable.

The course is unrelenting in scope and pressure and I admire the hard working ethos. We are into a two week introduction to drawing and colour therapy. Weve done life drawing and perspective and a workshop on printing textiles. The artists ive chosen to study this week are Giacometti and Andy Goldsworthy.

This week we are going to Twycross Zoo to draw! Its all very different from being a minister of religion and Im wondering where it will lead. More next time ... Interestingly they both use very few colours and largely tertiary greys and they are sculptors! There is also a compulsory photoshop 7 course that I'm loving.

colour workshop



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