Friday 22 November 2013

Data Protection you are having a laugh!

The landline phone rings-it is a marketing firm. Where have they got this number from and what right do they have to invade our privacy? We are ex-directory.

The mobile rings. It's a Ppi number. Where did they get my number from?

My 96 year old mothers phone rings. She thinks its one of her daughters. It's a firm trying to sell her something. She's ex-directory.

The phone on a ward at the largest local hospital rings. The ward sister answers assuming it is a call about a patient. It is someone ringing about Ppi!

In what sense is our data being protected? It has been sold to others!

In what way is the power in our hands to prevent these invasions and abuses of privacy? In the interest of national security our government has sold us out and we have no sanctity of our private or indeed public lives!



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