Sunday 25 March 2018

Lent 6 Passion Sunday Mark 11v1-11

Lent Study Group

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The world belongs to God
The earth and all its people
How good and pleasant it is
To live together in unity
Love and faith come together
Justice and peace join hands

What have you done today that you have really enjoyed? Share with your neighbour.

Read Mark 11v1-11

Think about the passage quietly for a few moments

Have you ever felt something is predestined?

Why were people planning to kill Jesus?

Why were the people shouting Hosanna?

Have you ever been swayed by the crowd?

Our world leaders process. What do they ride on, who chants and greets them, what do people throw at them?

Finally what are the signs and symbols that accompany them?

Let us pray together, quietly or in pairs.


This is the day that God has made
We will rejoice and be glad in it
We will not offer to God
Offerings that cost us nothing
Go in love and peace
We will seek peace and pursue it.

Some music



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