Monday, 23 April 2018

Easter Sunday 2018 Mark 16v1-8

So Mark is the earliest gospel written about 30 years after Jesus death by 
the young man who fled naked from Roman soldiers when they came to 
arrest Jesus. 
The story in Mark we have heard read to us today is short and descriptive. 
The Jews had a day off, the Sabbath when they couldn’t go shopping or do 
much. It went from sunrise to sunset. So as soon as they could some 
women who followed Jesus (its always the women who get it first!), collect 
some spices together and go to anoint Jesus body ready for burial. They 
were concerned about rolling the stone away from the tomb because it was 
heavy. It was sunrise. But it had already been rolled back. They went on 
into the tomb and encountered a young man dressed in white. And they 
were afraid. He however saw their fear and said “Don’t be afraid, Jesus 
who you are looking for, who was crucified has been raised. The young 
man told them to go and tell Peter and the disciples that Jesus was going 
to meet them in Galilee. They fled terrified and Mark says they said nothing 
to anybody. 
So who rolled the stone away on that Sunday morning? 
Where did the body go? 
Why was it never found? 
Who was the young man in white? 
At whatever level you relate to this story that many of you have heard 
many times before, there is a problem at the centre. Where was the body? 
If you don’t believe Jesus was raised from the dead, then where was the 
body? Somebody, the Romans, the Sanhedrin, the disciples would have 
found the body. Even if they burnt it, someone would know and it would get 
Also we have the problem that whatever happened, enough people 
encountered a risen Jesus, to cause a movement that changed history. 
I have a dream, that one day we will see a Christian movement, in this 
country made up of followers of Jesus, who are not dictated to rituals, to 
money or to buildings but to living by the dynamic of Gods Spirit and 
changing the world again. In the meantime we live in a society that is 
anything but Christian. 
In our own lives there is a part that has been killed, crucified and is dead and buried. My challenge to you, is that this Easter you will allow God to 
work in your lives so that part that was killed and buried, is resurrected. It 
is the pearl of great price, that the farmer found and sold everything to get 
it. Whatever that is for you do it. 
Nobody said this Christian stuff was easy. It is an x rated, violent story. To 
follow your soul, really follow it, you will encounter major difficulties, 
because good people do. But do it because you will regain your life. 
Whatever that is for you, I don’t know and it will be different for each one of 
If Jesus rose from the dead then that changes your life and mine. Don’t be 
dulled by nonsense, consumerism and people around you who believe 
differently. Start today to change, to change yourself and the world and 
follow this man who taught us how to live right, challenged the status quo 
and the religious and secular authorities. 
This is a call to action. If you do this then your life and the lives of others 
around you will change. 
Roll away the stone! 



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