Thursday 7 January 2021

Prayers 7/8th January 2021


Rise within me like the star 

And make me restless

Till I journey on

To seek my peace in you


Song “Joy has dawned”


A candle is lit.


I light a candle for light, sending

prayers high into the inky heavens and

dreams deep into our human soul.


We light a candle for light. May it light our way.


Psalm 72


Give the king Your judgments, God,
And Your righteousness to the king’s son.
May ]he judge Your people with righteousness
And Your afflicted with justice.
 May the mountains bring peace to the people,
And the hills, in righteousness.
May he vindicate the afflicted of the people,
Save the children of the needy,
And crush the oppressor.


The Lord’s Prayer in our own language


Our Prayers

I pray for people and situations that are on my heart today ...

For the US, Hong Kong and Nigeria, the Rohinga people, people in lockdown, people dealing with Covid, for people who are lonely, for people who are hungry, for staff in hospitals and care homes, for people suffering from war particularly the children, for people imprisoned for protesting about the abuse of human rights, for people suffering because of floods or heat because of climate change, for the vulnerable and those sick and dying, for the homeless, for asylum seekers and refugees, for our government to make the right decisions, and finally for the children  and grandchildren who we must give a better future. 

May I not fail you though I face great dangers. 

Give me your peace, your wisdom and your strength. Amen


Closing Responses


When the star in the sky has gone

And the wise men have gone back to their homes

The real work of Christmas begins

To find the lost, heal the broken, feed the hungry and release the prisoner. Amen



Pat Nimmo with thanks to © Janet Morley adapted




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