Friday 23 July 2021

Prayers 23rd/24th July 2021,

Spirit of God

You are the breath of creation

The wind of change

Speak through my heart, my mind, my actions


Song  “Morning has broken


Forgive me my closed mind

And break down the barricades of my heart

So I can embrace new ways of being


We say the Lord’s Prayer in our own language


Reading Psalm 39

“Hear my prayer, Lord, and listen to my cry for help;
Do not be silent to my tears;
For I am a stranger with You,
One who lives abroad, like all my fathers.
13 Turn Your eyes away from me, that I may become cheerful again
Before I depart and am no more.”


We pray for all those we know who need our help and prayers who we carry in our hearts today. For Hong Kong, Israel, Palestine, Indonesia, India, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Yemen, Myanmar, the Rohingyas, the Uyghurs, Nigeria, Belarus, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Syria, Iran, the US, Afghanistan, our own country, doctors and nurses, carers, teachers, those confronting injustice, and pressing issues of climate change, for the many refugees, our families and friends and ourselves…Spirit of the Living God present with us now enter our bodies, minds and spirits and heal us of all that harms us. Let your angels be beside us at this time. In Jesus Name we pray.

Song “In the fields of the Lord”


This is the day that God has made

We will rejoice and be glad in it

We will not offer to God

Offerings that cost us nothing

We will go in Peace

To love and serve the Lord





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