Tuesday 21 March 2023

Prayers 21st March 2023

God our creator who goes before us

You draw us forward in faith

Like a pillar of fire across deserts 

A rock of assurance

As we journey 

Speak to us with your words of comfort and wisdom.


Song “We will walk with God my sisters”



We say the Lords Prayer in our own language


Psalm 147


God heals the broken hearted
 binds up their wounds.
 counts the number of the stars;
 gives names to all of them.
Great is our God and abundant in strength;
 understanding is infinite.
God supports the afflicted;

and brings the wicked down to the ground.


We pray for the people of Ukraine, and for the Russian people, for Hong Kong, for Taiwan, for Syrians, for Yemenis, for Palestinians, for Rohingas, for Uighurs; For those suffering from flooding, drought earthquakes, and cyclones due to climate change, for the millions of refugees, for homeless people, for those who are hungry, thirsty or in prison, for the terrified and deranged; for those on strike, for doctors nurses, teachers and for the government to do the best for its people and not the worst; for our children, grandchildren and a better future for us all.


May God’s hand be upon us in these difficult times, your angels protect us and the Holy Spirit work in and around us. Amen 


Loving God help us to follow you

Into a place of quietness,

Where we may face beasts and wilderness

But we will know the presence of angels 

Even in the desert times. Amen.





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