Friday 13 October 2023

Service 15th October 2023, Pentecost 20, Matthew 22:1-14, 예배 2023년 10월 15일 오순절 20일 마태복음 22:1-14, 服事 2023 年 10 月 15 日, 馬太福音 22:1-14

The world belongs to God

The earth and all its people

How good and lovely it is 

To live together in unity

Love and faith come together

Justice and peace join hands


Song “All good gifts”


Let us in silence remember our faults and failings

Christ have mercy on us, and deliver us from our sins and may we amend our lives



We say the Lords Prayer in our own language




The gospels gives us many stories about Jesus, that relate to the Jewish law like  behaviour at meals and what it really means to be a disciple, a follower of Jesus. 

This story is writing about what qualifies us for entry into the kingdom of God. The Pharisees believed that they were the chosen ones. And there are people like that today, who believe only they are going to heaven and have the right way. They were incensed when they were questioned. 


Interestingly the Greek word for guests means chosen ones.  The gathering of God’s people at the end of time was commonly seen as a wedding banquet, God being the host. Jewish and Greco-Roman societies both denigrated the poor and disabled, much like our society today. Some believe they will be excluded from heaven. Jesus cuts across this. All are to be invited to share in it. This was seen as a direct attack on the Jewish religious leaders.  


Jesus takes the side of the exploited. The low are lifted up and the high brought down to earth. The first will be last. Mixing with cool people doesn’t count. Jesus is presenting a very different picture of an upside down society. Mix with the uncool!.


Rich successful people stick to their own, but Jesus is interested in the virtuous who fight for social justice. They are the ones who hold the kind of party Jesus is talking about. Would a party with poor, sick, lame and blind people be a happy one? Jesus implies that it would be. Because the host sponsoring such a party would be with the God of the poor! 


Jesus calls his listeners to break with friends, with a circle of the cool. When invited to a real party the poor stop being poor. Everything is shared. A party with poor, disabled, sick and blind people, isn't a very good party if they remain poor, sick and blind. It’s about sharing resources, like food, water, energy, health and social care, sharing knowledge and possessions so all can join the party.  Then there will be joy! Everybody is invited to this banquet!


One guest, perhaps homeless, destitute, did not have wedding clothes. When challenged he is speechless. The poor, the vulnerable are often speechless when confronted. For the first invitation people were unwilling to come. A second invitation resulted in people paying no attention and carrying on their destructive lives. Finally the streets are searched for guests.


The king is two-faced. He is a typical of power. He is a host, but he is also a tyrant, a wicked man and exercises his power cruelly and unjustly. As the rich and powerful sit down to feast they plan destruction. So then, so now.


Deuteronomic law (Deut 16v9-11) required that strangers, widows and orphans should be cared for, and including them in the harvest. So also in earlier times in our societies. How far are we removed from this today! Harvest is about us all. Deuteronomy shows us the whole community coming together to celebrate. Slaves took their place alongside landowners. Everyone was invited to the party because everyone had reason to give thanks for the harvest. None of them would go hungry through the coming year. None should.


Gods vision feeds our souls and motivates us to be change makers. How can we apply this to the world we live in?  Amen


Song “Spirit of the living God”


Our Prayers…May we not fail you. Amen

The blessing of God be upon you 

On those you love and those you meet

This day and forevermore. Amen


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反思馬太福音 22:1-14



這個故事寫的是我們有資格進入神的國。 法利賽人相信他們是被選中的人。 今天也有這樣的人,他們相信只有自己能上天堂,並且擁有正確的道路。 當他們被質問時,他們非常憤怒。


有趣的是,希臘文中「客人」一詞的意思是「被選中的人」。 上帝子民在末世的聚會通常被視為一場婚宴,上帝是東道主。 猶太社會和希臘羅馬社會都貶低窮人和殘疾人,就像我們今天的社會一樣。 有些人相信他們將被排除在天堂之外。 耶穌打破了這一點。 所有人都將被邀請來分享。 這被視為對猶太宗教領袖的直接攻擊。


耶穌站在受剝削者那邊。 低的被舉起,高的被降到地上。 第一個將是最後一個。 和很酷的人混在一起不算。耶穌展示了一幅截然不同的顛倒社會圖像。 與不酷的東西混合!


富有的成功人士堅持自己的觀點,但耶穌感興趣的是那些為社會正義而奮鬥的有德行的人。 他們就是舉辦耶穌所的那種聚會的人。 一個有窮、病、跛、瞎的人在一起的聚會會是快樂的嗎? 耶穌暗示將會如此。 因為主辦這樣的聚會的主人將與窮人的上帝同在!


耶穌號召他的聽眾與朋友斷關係,以冷靜的方式相處。 當受邀參加真正的聚會時,窮人就不再貧窮了。 一切都是共享的。 一個有窮人、殘障人士、病人和盲人的政黨,如果他們仍然貧窮、病人和盲人,就不是一個很好的政黨。 這是關於共享資源,如食物、水、能源、健康和社會關懷,共享知識和財,以便所有人都可以加入這個聚會。 然後會有歡樂! 大家都被邀請參加這個宴會!


一位客人可能無家可歸,一貧如洗,沒有結婚禮服。 當受到挑戰時,他無話可 窮人、弱勢族群在面對這些問題時常常無言以對。 第一次受到邀請時,人們不願意來。 第二次邀請導致人們不予關注並繼續他們破壞性的生活。 最後,人們在街上搜尋客人。


國王有兩張臉。 他是權力的典型。 他是主人,但他也是暴君、惡人,他行使權力的方式殘忍且不公正。 當富人和有權勢的人坐下來享用盛宴時,他們就計劃著毀滅。 那麼,現在也是如此。


申命記律法(申命記 16v9-11)要求照顧陌生人、寡婦和孤兒,並將他們納入收割之列。 在我們的社會早期也是如此。 今天我們離這個有多遠了! 收穫關乎我們所有人。 申命記向我們展示了整個社區聚集在一起慶祝。奴隸與地主並肩作戰。 每個人都被邀請參加聚會,因為每個人都有理由感謝收穫。 來年他們都不會挨餓。 沒有一個應該。


神的異象滋養我們的靈魂,激勵我們成為改變者。 我們如何將其應用到我們所生活的世界? 阿門




我們的祈禱……願我們不會讓您失望。 阿門



從今天到永遠。 阿門


세상은 하나님께 속해 있다

땅과  모든 사람

얼마나 좋고 사랑스러운지요

하나되어 함께 살아갈  있도록

사랑과 믿음이 하나가 되어

정의와 평화가 손을 잡다


노래 '모든 좋은 선물'


침묵 속에서 우리의 잘못과 실패를 기억합시다

그리스도께서는 우리에게 자비를 베푸시어 우리를 죄에서 구원하시고 우리의 삶을 고치게 하소서



우리는 우리의 언어로 주기도문을 바칩니다


마태복음 22:1-14 묵상


복음서는 우리에게 예수님에 관한 많은 이야기를 들려줍니다유대 율법에 따른 식사에서의 행동예수님의 제자가 된다는 예수님을 따르는 사람이 된다는 것이 실제로 무엇을 의미하는지에 대한 이야기입니다.

 이야기는 우리가 하나님 나라에 들어갈 자격이 무엇인지에 대해 쓰고 있습니다바리새인들은 자신들이 선택받은 자들이라고 믿었습니다그리고 오늘날에도 자신만이 천국에 가고 올바른 길을 가고 있다고 믿는 사람들이 있습니다그들은 질문을 받았을  화를 냈습니다.


흥미롭게도 손님에 해당하는 그리스어 단어는 선택된 사람들을 의미합니다마지막 때에 하나님의 백성이 모이는 것은 일반적으로 하나님이 주인이 되시는 혼인잔치로 여겨졌습니다유대 사회와 그리스-로마 사회는 모두 오늘날 우리 사회와 마찬가지로가난한 사람과 장애인을 폄하했습니다어떤 사람들은 자신들이 천국에서 쫓겨날 것이라고 믿습니다예수님은 이것을 가로질러 가십니다모든 사람이 그것에 참여하도록 초대되어야 합니다이것은 유대 종교 지도자들에 대한 직접적인 공격으로 간주되었습니다.


예수님은 착취당하는 사람들의 편을 들었습니다낮은 것은 들리고 높은 것은 땅으로 낮아지는도다 번째가 마지막이  것입니다멋진 사람들과 섞이는 것은 중요하지 않습니다예수님은 거꾸로  사회에 대한 매우 다른 그림을 제시하고 계십니다쿨하지 않은 것과 섞으세요!.


성공한 부유한 사람들은 자신의 이익만을 고수하지만예수님은 사회 정의를 위해 싸우는 덕스러운 사람들에게 관심을 갖고 계십니다그들은 예수님이 말씀하시는 그런 잔치를 벌이는 사람들입니다가난한 병든 절름발이시각 장애인이 함께하는잔치는 과연 행복한 잔치일까요예수께서는 그렇게  것이라고 암시하셨습니다그러한 파티를 후원하는 주인은 가난한 이들의 하나님과 함께 있을 것이기 때문입니다!


예수님은 청중들에게 쿨한 서클과 함께 친구들과 헤어지라고 부르십니다실제 파티에 초대되면 가난한 사람들은  이상 가난해지지 않습니다모든 것이 공유됩니다가난하고 장애가 있고 아프고 시각 장애인이 있는 정당이 여전히 가난하고 아프고 시각 장애인이라면 별로 좋은 정당이 아닙니다이는 음식에너지건강  사회 복지와 같은 자원을 공유하고 지식과 소유물을 공유하여 모두가 파티에 참여할  있도록 하는 것입니다그러면 기쁨이 있을 것입니다 연회에 모두를 초대합니다!


노숙자이거나 궁핍한 손님   명은 예복을 입지 않았습니다도전을 받으면 그는 말문이 막힙니다가난하고 취약한 사람들은 직면했을  말문이 막히는 경우가 많습니다 번째 초대에 사람들은 오기를 꺼려했습니다 번째 초대로 인해 사람들은주의를 기울이지 않고 파괴적인 삶을 살아가게 되었습니다마지막으로 거리에서 손님을 검색합니다.


왕은 양면이다그는 전형적인 권력자이다그는 주인이지만 동시에 폭군이고 사악한 사람이며 잔인하고 불의하게 권력을 행사합니다부자와 권력자들은 잔치에 앉아 멸망을 계획합니다그렇다면 지금은 그렇습니다.


신명기의 율법(신명기 16:9-11) 나그네와 과부와 고아를 돌보고 추수 때에 그들을 포함하도록 요구했습니다우리 사회의 초기에도 마찬가지였습니다오늘날 우리는 이것으로부터 얼마나 멀리 떨어져 있습니까수확은 우리 모두에 관한 것입니다신명기는 공동체 전체가 함께 모여 축하하는 모습을 보여줍니다노예들은 지주들과 나란히 자리를 잡았습니다모두가 추수에 감사할 이유가 있었기 때문에 모두를 잔치에 초대했습니다그들  누구도 내년 내내 굶주리지 않을 것입니다아무도해서는 안됩니다.


하나님의 비전은 우리 영혼에 영양을 공급하고 우리가 변화를 주도하는 사람이 되도록 동기를 부여합니다이것을 우리가 살고있는 세상에 어떻게 적용할  있을까요아멘


노래 '살아계신 하나님의 '


우리의 기도당신을 실망시키지 않기를 바랍니다아멘

신의 축복이 당신에게 있기를

사랑하는 사람과 만나는 사람에 대해

오늘 그리고 영원히아멘






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