Sunday 24 December 2023

Christingle 2023

(making of Christingles see

I use a green ribbon instead of a red one to denote Gods care for the environment. We will need oranges, candles, raisons or jelly people, cocktail sticks, green sticky tape. It will take about an hour to make them.)


Opening Liturgy

Why are you bringing this candle?

We bring this candle as a sign that the Light of the World is coming. And we are hoping.

Why are you bringing in this candle? 

We bring this candle as a sign that the Light of the World is coming.  And we are waiting.

Why are you bringing in this candle?

We bring this candle as a sign the Light of the World is coming. And we are preparing.


Lighting of the Advent Candles


From light comes life.

Deep in the earth, a seed begins to grow.

In our imagination, an idea takes root.

In a moment, love grows.

Safe in the womb, a baby turns.


Let us pray


Voice 1: As winter days dim and bow to early

darkness, you, God of light, set watch

in the night sky and beckon the wise to



Voice 2: When hope hangs low in the human

heart, you, loving creator, kindle

compassion, breathing life into the

early embers of change and empathy.


Light four candles.


Voice 1: We light a candle for love, sending

prayers high into the inky heavens and

dreams deep into the human soul.


Voice 2: As Advent dawns, God of all hope,

shine your light on the story of the

saints who journeyed before us. May

the seeds they planted in the world

– hope, peace, light , love – take hold in our

hearts and stretch towards the light.


All: We light four candles for hope, peace, light and love. May it light our way.


Song ‘Into the darkness of this world” 


Loving God

help us to hear your voice

and see your light.,

so that even in the darkest of places and worst moments of life 

we know that the light of your love continues

and nothing can overcome it.



Where did the Christingle come from?


No one knows for certain when the word “Christingle” was first used or from what it is derived. Various suggestions have been made. One is that it comes from the old Saxon word “ingle” (fire), meaning “Christ-fire or light”. Another is that it derives from the German “engel” (angel), meaning “Christ-angel”, or it may derive from the German “kindle” (child), meaning “Christ-child”.


So whats the Christingle really about? 

1.    The gift of a baby that would change the world

2.    A light in the darkness


Christingle Song (Tune: Give me oil in my lamp)


The Christingle begins with an orange,

telling us of the world God made.

For creation is full of his glory;

all around we see his love displayed.


Sing Christingle! Sing Christingle!

Sing Christingle, it’s the light of Christ.

Sing Christingle! Sing Christingle!

Sing Christingle, light of Christ.


Every year we give thanks for the seasons,

and the fruits of the earth to share.

The Christingle is here to remind us

that the love of God is everywhere.


Sing Christingle! Sing Christingle!....


God of love, we give thanks now for Jesus;

we remember his birth again.

But the green ribbon round the Christingle

tells the story of our precious world.


Sing Christingle! Sing Christingle!…


To complete the Christingle: a candle,

shining out in the darkest night.

Jesus promised to lead us and guide us;

come and celebrate the world’s true light!

Sing Christingle! Sing Christingle!…


Reading Luke 2v1-7 


Reflection “Hope in darkness!”


The Christmas festival is symbolized by light, a light shining in darkness and the coming of hope. The story of the coming of Christ is a vehicle of hope to feed our spirits and our imaginations in dark times like now. We like the church throughout the world on this Advent Sunday, are waiting. It is a time of preparation. 


Someone was coming who would begin to build the upside down kingdom and restore values to society. Truth into a society that had lost its way. He would turn people back to God. Hope into darkness! 


How many of us have given up on hope? We have stopped praying for miracles, for healing both physical and emotional, for healing of broken painful relationships, for change. How many of us face difficult and hopeless situations at this Advent time? Situations that perhaps only you know of, and yet the message of God to us is one of hope whatever our situation. 


Hope comes to us in unexpected ways, when we least expect it, in a dream, or in a moment of inspiration, through a friend, or even someone we dislike. God uses surprising people as a vehicle of hope. We may feel the presence of God suddenly, feel peace and strength and realize that God is with us in all things and especially in the difficulties we face.


For many of us we need to feel the brush of angels wings and the whisper of hope this Advent, this waiting time. God given hope is not optimism, or sentimentality, based on ignorance or naivite. It is based quite simply in a trust in God. The God who brings light into darkness, and speaks to us. 

We are waiting and making preparation for this coming.  Amen


The giving out and lighting of the Christingles


Song “Like a candle flame”


Take us to Bethlehem, House of Bread

Where the hungry are filled 

And the satisfied sent empty away

Where the poor find riches 

And the rich recognize their poverty

And all who worship are filled with awe. 



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