Sunday, 12 July 2009

Losing your head! Mark 6v14-29

People with responsibilities have to make difficult decisions. The decision to shut a factory like Rubery Owen in the eighties. The decision to invade Iraq. The decision to close the coal mine. The decision to arrest a terrorist or release a psychopath. And difficult decisions have consequences. The Old Testament gives us the in junction from God to always choose life.
In our story today Herod like Pilate after him has to make a series of difficult decisions. The decisions he makes are all compromised. Compromised by political unrest, by power brokers (the Jews) and by his wife.
Some people in society act as moral beacons. John the Baptist was such a man. Prince Charles is a beacon around Climate Change. He's given us 96 months to sort our act out.
Herod's decision about John the Baptist who has annoyed his wife by pointing the finger at his adultery with his brothers wife is swayed by lust. He appears to want his new wifes daughter as well. Its disgusting but very present in our world too. (watch Jeremy Kyle on daytime telly-if you can!). Herod's decision results in the death of a good man. But all decisions have consequences. Maybe he didn’t sleep so well that night.
Our health depends on making the right decisions but its not easy. Sometimes we get it wrong or are forced into a corner like Herod. At times like this we have to do the best we can-or repair the situation. Our decisions affect us mentally and physically, affect our society (like the bankers) and the world (like Einstein). WE must choose life.



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