Friday 21 April 2023

Easter 3 2023,

Goodness is stronger than evil

Love is stronger than hate

Light is stronger than darkness

Life is stronger than death.

Song “The Perfect Wisdom”


In the multi-coloured company of your church on earth and in heaven, we celebrate your creation, your life, your death and resurrection, your interest in us. So to you we pray Lord bring new life where we are worn and tired, new love, where we have turned hard hearted, forgiveness, where we feel hurt and where we have wounded, and the joy and freedom of your Holy Spirit where we are the prisoners of ourselves. Amen.


The Lords Prayer in our own language


Song ”Worthy is the Lamb”


Reflection on Luke 24 v13-35

It is later on Easter Day, the day on which Mary Magdalene and the other women have discovered the empty tomb. We know that the disciples (and probably these two were among them) did not believe the women “because their words seemed to them like nonsense.” This was their first mistake – not believing the women!


The disciples were heading away from Jerusalem. They had evidently decided, that their part in the community of Jesus' disciples, was over. As they walk to Emmaus, about 7 miles from Jerusalem, they talk about the day's news, the recent startling events. Eusebius, the early church historian, tells us that Cleopas was a relative of Jesus.


The two do not recognize Jesus. I wonder why? Did he have a hood on and was it dark?


Jesus asks them “What things?”. Their reply shows the limitations of their understanding of who Jesus is. They do realize that he is a prophet and, like Moses, “mighty in deed and word”, but they have no idea how much more he is. Jesus has disappointed them. They expected him to deliver Israel from Roman domination, and to begin an earthly kingdom of God (“to redeem Israel”). Three days have passed, long enough, in Jewish belief, for the soul to have left the body and, despite Jesus' statement that he would be raised from death, nothing has happened it seems.


Jesus tells them how slow they are, to grasp how the Old Testament prophecies are being fulfilled. Was it not God's plan, necessary, that Jesus should be crucified and ascend to be with the Father? His life is a fulfilment of all of Scripture, from Moses (the first five books of the Bible) to all the prophets. 


The meal again is like a Eucharist, but it was in fact a normal Middle Eastern meal and hospitality. He took bread, blessed and broke it. Then suddenly “their eyes were opened” and they realized who he really was.  


Companion means, Com (with); panis (bread), people who take bread together. Jesus is present when we share bread together. 


In these very traumatic times who is walking along side us and opening our eyes and minds to the truth? How "embodied" is Jesus in our life? How much do our hearts burn within us when the truth is explained to us in a world of false truths? And how often do we recognize the stranger as the living Christ with us?  How many strangers are walking beside us at this moment and God is using them?


Journeys are part of our life and we are on one now. Invite people to journey with you, to give you strength and hope at this time. People who will encourage you and pray for you. Meals with friends we can open up to are very precious too! Amen


Song “The Lord bless you and keep you”

May the God who shakes heaven and earth

Whom death could not contain

Who lives to disturb and heal us

Bless you with power to go forth

and proclaim the gospel. Amen




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